Vanity Fair Identity Design

Identity Design
Editorial Design

Vanity Fair is a monthly magazine about popular culture, fashion, and current affairs. The goal of this project is to modernize the brand, but also maintain its well-established formula: high-gloss and full-glamour. Typographic identity system was created and applied across multiple media platforms.

Mission Statement
Our goal is to capture the zeitgeist, inspire thinking and empower readers to lead the culture forward, by giving striking enjoyment, and thoughtful stories at all intersection of power and influence.
Identity Design
Monogram & Wordmark

The big idea of the redesigned logo identity is to bring back boldness and merge the grandeur of femininity with the spirit of the times. It was decided to combine the serif with the sans serif and create a vertical bar that is striking and powerful. Following the design of the monogram, the wordmark was designed, which reflects the main icon and unifies serifs and sans serifs.

About the Issue
Boundary Blurring

This issue discusses boundary blurring, the fact that in our current world, many predefined concepts have collapsed and absolute boundaries are vanishing.

Feature Article 1: Masculinity & Femininity
Height of Glamour: How the designer Harris Reed helps Harry Styles and Solange play with masculinity and femininity.

The first article is a story about fashion designer Harris Reed, talking about the blurring of masculinity and femininity. For the design, the direction is to give attention to the photography and play with the scale of type to create the feeling of striking.

Feature Article 2: Fiction & Reality
The Crown’s Majestic Untruths: The blockbuster series treads an 
uneasy line between fact and fiction.

The second feature is a photo essay, which discusses the blurring of reality and fiction through the show The Crown. It starts with an intro, then followed by 3 sections which emphasize on Diana, Queen Elizabeth, and Prime Minister Thatcher respectively. A key design gesture in this feature is the pearl element which was inspired by the pearl necklace worn by the characters.

Feature Article 3: Technology & Biology
Biologizing the Machine: The artistic aromas of Anicka Yi.

In the interview, artist Anicka Yi discusses how her interest in the overlap between art and science led her to explore technology and biology as part of her artistic practice.

Poster Series