Mutopia Generative Identity Design

Generative Design
Poster Design

Today, the boundaries between technology and humans are blurring. Technology becomes part of ourselves as the extension of the human body. There is no doubt that technology amplifies our abilities, but at the same time, we are also adapted to the logic and rules embedded in these tools and technologies. Through the lens of speculative design and posthumanism, this project critiques about the traditional humanistic sense of the "human" and its instrumentalized view of the "nonhuman" and speculate our possible relationship with artificial intelligence and its impact on creativity.

Speculative Design & Posthumanism & Machine Learning

Heavily influenced by the theory of speculative design and posthumanism, the project aims at providing new perspectives towards the discussion of human-machine relationship and especially its influence to the creative world.

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Thesis Statement
Against the backdrop of rapid technological advancement, the boundaries between technology and humans are dissolving. It’s time for us to rethink our relationship with synthetic intelligence. By collaborating with machines, designers are empowered to transcend creative limitations by leveraging the potential of machine learning as a customizable tool to visualize the unseen.
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Identity Design
Generative Study

A modular logotype was designed for the exhibition based on the shape of cells. Then a series of generative form studies was done to explore the concept of evolving and mutating.

Poster Design
Generative Design
Logotype Evolution System

Apart from simulating the look and feel of nature. Inspired by my interests in using code to reflect the structure or rule in nature like the evolution theory, a Logotype evolution system was created to mimic the process of natural selection.

Editorial Design
Process Book

This feature is a interview with artist Anicka Yi which talks about her interests in the overlap between art and science, and how it led into her artistic practices of exploring the merging of technology and biology.

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