Fogo Island Inn Identity Design

Identity Design
Motion Graphics

Fogo island inn is located at fogo island, an offshore islands off Newfoundland, which sits off the east coast Canada, at one of the four corners of the earth. For over 200 years, Fogo island had been a fishing economy relying on cod. Decades of international overfishing brought the cod to the brink of extinction. Canadian tech entrepreneur Zita came up with a daring idea to build an inn as a way to save one of Canada’s oldest rural cultures.

The new brand system focuses on reflecting the touching stories, amazing architecture, astonishing nature, and rich heritage of the location. It also emphasizes the relationship between humans and the land, as well as the bravery and resilience behind its founding.

About the place
It’s not a place for people who want to indulge themselves in material things while it’s for people who value art, heritage and nature, and want to identify and find the most essential things that hard to get in their daily life.
Identity Design
Logo Development

The logo was developed from the key word relationship. By connecting letterforms and applying the handwritten gesture, the goal is not only to tell the story of relationship, but also respond to the braveness of the people and roughness of the environment.

Identity Design
Color Scheme

Three colors were established as primary colors which represent courage, ocean and relationship. Later, more muted colors was included to indicate the seven seasons in Fogo island.