Mutopia: Visualizing the Unseen

Generative Design, Transmedia Installation

Special Thanks to Instructors:
Brad Bartlett and Miles Mazzie

Mutopia stands for mutant + topia. As part of the thesis project, Mutopia is an immersive experience that allows viewers to walk through an imaginary world populated by interspecies hybrids which created with Machine Learning, using over 5000 images. Inspired by the theory of posthumanism and speculative design, it's considered as a way to speculate future and critique normative humanness.

Mutopia: visualizing the unseen

Due to the depth of these theories in this project, the exhibition was considered as a great way to break down these complex ideas and make them more approachable.

User Scenario

The installation has 4 states, showcasing not only the outcome—the imaginary world, but also the process of working with machine learning. In the third sate, viewers can experience the whole development process, from the raw data to the outcome by walking around the sculpture. Besides, As viewers walk through the sculpture, the size of image unit in each panel increase. but the speed of movement in each panel decrease.

Machine Learning Study

After a series of Machine Learning experiments, the final direction focused on using Machine Learning to visualize the unknown common ancestor of two species, for example mushroom and butterfly.