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Branding, Editorial Design

Special Thanks to Instructors:
Annie Huang Luck

Vanity Fair is a monthly magazine of popular culture, fashion, and current affairs. It has long history and impacts worldwide. For redesign reasons, First, its middle-aged readership limits VF’s future growth and led it miss the opportunities to catch up with the newest issues. Secondly, VF’s underperformance at the digital platforms disables it to flourish in the future. It’s urgent to take further steps into digital world and adapt to the emerging technology. Thirdly, the fact that vanity fair has been historically exclusive let it become irrelevant in the current social circumstances. It’s time for it to embrace inclusiveness, be at the forefront of social change and lead the culture forward. A new identity can help to better communicate with younger generation and expand its influence.

Considering VF had a well-established formula: high-gloss and full-glamour. Although it’s important to make changes, it’s also crucial to remain its long-standing brand character. How to modernize the outdated brand legacy into things that are vibrant today is the question needed to be addressed. By increasing in-depth articles and creating bold and diverse visual components, the goal is to revive the striking, complex, and maximized style of the magazine and align it with the new brand voice. The 3 key attributes we want to embed into the design and content are empowered, zeitgeist, and striking.

Mission Statement
Our goal is to capture the zeitgeist, inspire thinking and empower readers to lead the culture forward, by giving striking enjoyment, and thoughtful stories at all intersection of power and influence.
Identity Design
Monogram & Wordmark

The biggest idea of the new logo identity is to bring back the boldness and combine the grand femininity with the contemporary spirits. The final solution is to combine the serif with the san serif, and establish the vertical bar to be striking and empowering. After having designed the monogram, the wordmark was created accordingly which connects to the main icon and unify the serif and the san serif.

About the Issue
Boundary Blurring

The theme of this issue is boundary blurring, which discussed the facts that in our current world, many predefined concepts collapsed and the absolute boundaries are dissolving.

Feature Article 1: Masculinity & Femininity
Height of Glamour: How the designer Harris Reed helps Harry Styles and Solange play with masculinity and femininity.

The first article is a story about fashion designer Harris Reed, talking about the blurring of masculinity and femininity. For the design, the direction is to give attention to the photography and play with the scale of type to create the feeling of striking.

Feature Article 2: Fiction & Reality
The Crown’s Majestic Untruths: The blockbuster series treads an 
uneasy line between fact and fiction.

The second feature is a photo essay, which discusses the blurring of reality and fiction through the show The Crown. It starts with an intro, then followed by 3 sections which emphasize on Diana, Queen Elizabeth, and Prime minister Thatcher respectively. A important design gesture in this feature is the pearl element which was inspred by the pearl necklace worn by the characters.

Feature Article 3: Technology & Biology
Biologizing the Machine: The artistic aromas of Anicka Yi.

This feature is a interview with artist Anicka Yi which talks about her interests in the overlap between art and science, and how it led into her artistic practices of exploring the merging of technology and biology.

Poster Series